''Lovecraft is Missing'' is a {{webcomic}} by Larry Latham, with a simple premise: it is the autumn of 1926, and [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin horror author H. P. Lovecraft is not where he's supposed to be.]] His friend-by-post and fellow writing enthusiast Orwin Battler has traveled from Oklahoma to see him; occult expert Father Jackey is after missing pages from a [[TomeOfEldritchLore rare book]] most recently in Lovecraft's possession; University librarian Nan Mercy is after the book pages as well as [[spoiler: personal revenge against Lovecraft's probable kidnappers]].

True to the work of the [[Creator/HPLovecraft inspiration himself]], [[CosmicHorrorStory determination is their least useful and most counterproductive asset]].

[[http://lovecraftismissing.com/ Previously updated on weekly on Fridays, with hiatuses between chapters.]] Sadly, [[http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=8553 due to the author's death]] the future of the series is uncertain, although his wife has stated the desire to continue with the help of friends presumably well-versed in the genre.

Currently the site hosting it is down, with no clear idea of when or if it will return.

!!''Lovecraft is Missing'' contains examples of:

* AkashicRecords: Dr. Kartophilus [[http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=7179 uses them]].
* AscendedFanboy: Orwin Battler, pulp writer who finds himself in another pulp writer's universe.
* AuthorExistenceFailure: With his passing in November 2014, Latham's wife has expressed the desire to try to continue the series through the help of writers and artists that her husband knew.
* BadassBookworm: Nan Mercy.
* BadassNormal: Nan, Orwin, and Father Jackey.
* BadassPreacher: Father Jackey, if there's no actual ChurchMilitant involved. [[spoiler: When Orwin and Nan inquired, the local Catholic diocese claimed to have never heard of him, but flashbacks reveal he's been claiming his position since at least 1908]].
* BedlamHouse: Morrowbie-Jukes Asylum and Sanatorium. [[spoiler:The inmates are kept mostly as slave labour and HumanResources.]]
* BlackMagic
* BodyHorror: [[http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=5283 Eeep]].
* [[spoiler: BodySnatcher]]
* CosmicHorrorStory: A given for a story placing Lovecraft as a character within the genre he pioneered.
* CrazyPrepared: Father Jackey again.
* {{Cult}} / ReligionOfEvil: Lots and lots of Cthulhu cults and other assorted EldritchAbomination worship.
* DeliberateValuesDissonance: Done for [[http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=2880 period detail]] and to evoke Lovecraft's UnfortunateImplications.
* EEqualsMCHammer: Lovecraft's works include hidden spells or something if you translate the letters to numbers or something like that. Anyway, characters fill blackboards with that.
* EldritchAbomination: Besides the assorted Cthulhu statues, which are figuring more prominently into the plot (surprise of surprises), Tom Malone's 'baby' 'son' is one. Dr. Kartophilus ''might'' be.
* EvilIsVisceral
* EvilMatriarch: [[spoiler: Nan's mother, Mrs. Mercy]].
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: Lovecraft is missing.
* FanDisservice: [[http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=1081 Naked]] [[http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=4472 women]]. Yeahhh. . .
* GambitPileup: Kartophilus and Dr. Munoz are cooperating on the same immediate goal with different final purposes in mind and are discretely sabotaging each other in order to make sure it comes out the way they want. [[spoiler:And M. Powell Tobbin and Mrs. Mercy have plans for both of them.]] They seem to be taking advantage of the Aletheia cult in order to do so, and it's not clear what role the Malones play in this.
* GenreSavvy: Orwin, occasionally. Feels like he's in one of his own stories and will [[http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=899 critique villains' lines]].
* GroinAttack: Nan is quite effective at this.
* HistoricalDomainCharacter: Lovecraft himself.
* HumanSacrifice
* HumanoidAbomination: Tom and [[spoiler: [[http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=397 Dr. Kartophilus]].]] As well as Dr. Kartophilus's butler Heeg.
* {{Immortality}}: Dr. Kartophilus (AKA St. Germain and Melmoth). Possibly.
* MagicMusic: Erich Zann, of course. Kartophilus is interested in him for this reason [[spoiler:but Zann has written a composition in his head that [[PokeInTheThirdEye keeps Kartophilus from reading his mind]]...]].
* NewAge: On the surface, Aletheia appears to be a bunch of harmless flakes who believe in things like [[UsefulNotes/NewAge past lives as Atlantean princesses]].
* NotHimself: [[spoiler: A passing familiarity with Lovecraft's work will convey his phobia of marine life. [[http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=3885 So what's he doing recommending a seafood dish]]?]]
* PathOfInspiration: Aletheia.
* SceneryGorn: Some [[http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=89 beautifully]] [[http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=486 illustrated]] slums.
* ShoutOut: Lots, especially to Lovecraft's own work.
** Also [[http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=270 Robert E. Howard]] and [[http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=4759 Charlotte Perkins Gilman/Gaston Le Roux]].
** At the end of mankind, [[http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=7282 Erich Zann]] plays music in ''Literature/TheNightLand''.
* TomeOfEldritchLore: Nan and Father Jackey both specialize in these.
* TownWithADarkSecret: Tough Luck, Oklahoma is revealed to [[spoiler: have its very own Cthulhu cult that meets secretly in an old barn]].
* WhamEpisode: [[http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=920 "Tentacles"]], when things start to get [[EldritchAbomination messy]].
** And again in [[http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=7345 "Intruder"]]: Father Jackey, in a flashback in 1908, meets Erich Zann [[spoiler: and [[MindScrew watches Kartophilus from 1926 read Zann's mind in person while attacking him in the past as an apparition]]]].