'''''[[http://www.e2w-illustration.com/lsa.html Look Straight Ahead]]''''' is a [[WebComic webcomic]] following a [[HighSchool high school student]] named Jeremy suffering from depression. He eventually suffers a nervous breakdown and is sent to a mental hospital.

One contributing factor to Jeremy's descent into madness is his [[http://www.e2w-illustration.com/lsap15.html severe insomnia.]] When he can sleep, he frequently has [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NightmareSequence bad dreams]] that often metaphorically [[http://www.e2w-illustration.com/lsap16.html highlight some aspect of his emotions]] or mental states. The story is also a twisted version of [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheQuest The Quest]], as Jeremy is under the delusion that he is an all-powerful being who is somehow meant to save the world through his art - following [[http://www.e2w-illustration.com/lsap74.html an encounter with God,]] who takes the form of a golden dragon in the sky.

The comic is updated every Monday, and begins [[http://www.e2w-illustration.com/lsa1-cover.html here]].
!This series provides examples of:
* ArtShift - Some of the hallucinatory sequences are [[http://www.e2w-illustration.com/lsap74.html coloured in,]] while the majority of the comic is black and white.
* FreakOut - Jeremy freaks out twice in the third chapter: first [[http://www.e2w-illustration.com/lsap65.html he smashes all of the beakers in the chemistry lab]] (earning him a suspension) and later that same day, [[http://www.e2w-illustration.com/lsap87.html he gets up at three in the morning and digs a hole in his parents' backyard,]] believing that one of the jocks has buried a bomb there.
* InMediasRes
* JerkJock - Jeremy [[http://www.e2w-illustration.com/lsap60.html is bullied by two jocks]] who can't understand why he would rather draw than play sports.