Webcomic / Laserfist

Laser Fist is a webcomic published by Josh Maynard.

Laser Fist was a T-Shirt shop, then a Blog, then it was a Blog AND a Vlog, but 01/21/2012 is the date it became a webcomic. All of the other elements of the site were torn down, leaving only the strips to tell the tale. At least one new comic strip a week has been released since then, typically on either Sunday night or Monday morning. Bonus strips are published randomly outside of the stated once-a-week release schedule.

There is no true continuity to the proceedings, and most individual comic strips stand within their own narrative. There have been exceptions to this, such as a brief stint of connected self-referential meta-comics where the author's refrigerator was possessed by visitors from the future who called themselves "The Coalition of Richards" (a play on the word "Dicks"), and required him to release three strips within the same week else the future be forfeit. Even the individual comics released inside that span were only loosely connected.