''[[WebcomicsLongRunners Proudly wasting bandwidth since 1997]]''

''[[http://lcd.comicgenesis.com/ LCD]]'', created by Bryan M. Richter, is one of the longest-running webcomics on ComicGenesis. The comic usually concerns the day-to-day operation of a U.S. television news channel, mainly its political commentary.
!! ''LCD'' provides examples of:
* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: Julie [=McIntyre=], Raven Svoboda and Terry Sligh, respectively.
* CatsAreMean: In mid-February 2012, two successive strips showed Raven's cat, Sophia Maria, biting her on the hand, first because Raven exceeded S.M.'s "petting limit", and later because Raven sang a flat note in her lullaby.
* FreudianTrio: Raven=id, Julie=superego, Terry=ego.
* HotScoop: All three of the "news chicks" qualify.
* SexySpectacles: Julie wears them.
* ShesGotLegs: Julie again. Her InSeriesNickname is "Legs".
* StatuesqueStunner: The rarely seen Terry is tall and curvy.
* StrawmanNewsMedia
* StrawmanPolitical