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Webcomic: Kiwi Blitz
aka: Kiwiblitz

Maybe you haven't heard... but this is my show. And it's the kind where nobody dies.

Kiwi Blitz is a Webcomic by Mary Cagle (known elsewhere on the net as one of a number of variations of "Cube Watermelon"), updated either bi-weekly on Wednesdays and Fridays, or weekly on just Wednesdays, depending on how busy the watermelon is.

The main character is 14-year-old Steffi Frohlich, who under the guise of "Blitz" fights crime in a future New York City using her bird-shaped Mini-Mecha, Kiwibot. She's assisted in this by her best friend Benzene who acts as Mission Control and later the Robot Girl 42. Of course, that's just what she does during her free time, when she's not busy with her day job as a junior Robot League combatant.

Along with the ill-equipped NYPD, Steffi/Blitz battles masked criminals, rogue military hardware, and most importantly, her own boredom.

Current Tracks are, in order...

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alternative title(s): Kiwi Blitz
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