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Webcomic: Kirby Vs The Squeaks
Kirby vs. the Squeaks was a Sprite Comic detailing the plot of the game Kirby Squeak Squad at first. Eventually, the only connection it had with the game was the fact that both starred Kirby and had the Squeak Squad as antagonists.

Tropes used in Kirby vs. the Squeaks:

KvtS also spawned a sequel called The Revenge of DaRKrai. (WARNING. The comic contains MAJOR spoilers about KvtS's ending. Do not read unless you either have finished the latter, or just don't care.) It picks up a while after Kirby vs the Squeaks ends, with a completely new cast (except the Big Bad, who is actually one of the protagonists of the previous comic having been posessed by Darkrai). Set in a post-apocalyptic world where the aforementioned Big Bad has completely taken over, except for a ragtag group of heroic Kirbies led by "King" Dododo. The story revolves around said group trying to liberate their world from the Big Bad's grip.

Tropes used in The Revenge of DaRKrai:

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alternative title(s): Kirby Vs The Squeaks
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