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Webcomic: Jerkbox And Punknhead
Maybe not so much a webcomic in the traditional sense as an independent print comic that has made some issues available for online reading. These are blackly humorous, episodic stories set mostly in a Tim Burton-inspired Hell, in which people exist as grotesque caricatures of what they were in life. And our eponymous, somewhat disturbing protagonists are the two most feared hitmen in Hell, often carrying out wet work for Big Jack Satan himself. Leaving aside how it is possible to kill people who are for the most part already dead, they wander about the afterlife, committing bizarre acts of random cruelty when they're not on the job. The art is visually very striking. The manic-depressive, sometimes very childlike Jerkbox is a skull-topped, one-armed jack-in-the-box from the waist up; his hardass partner, Punk'nhead, is a chain-smoking pumpkin-headed humanoid. Put them together and they're... well, something. Something that is often very, very funny, in a dark and misanthropic sort of way.

Can be found here.

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