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Webcomic: Iothera
Maureen: Despite being decanted in a laboratory from century-old DNA samples collected by intrepid gentleman time-explorers, as all true Chartannians are, I can look modern when I want to.

Iothera is a Science Fantasy webcomic by RMG. It is a descendant of The Midlands and Heliothaumic, with several of the same characters. Like The Midlands, it often shows characters' words and thoughts simultaneously.

Iothera provides examples of:

  • Costume Porn: From traditional Chartannian clothing to modern Kyokanese, clothes are drawn in great detail.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Kyokan resembles Japan; Chartannia resembles the British Empire; Beiguo and Nanguo resemble China.
  • Magitek: Iotheran technology incorporates a lot of magic.
  • Precursors: the Seb attained spaceflight, then apparently vanished.
    Cassandra: We still don't really know who the Seb were — or how they built the Red Towers — or why they were on the moons — or even what all the stuff they left behind does.
  • The Remake: Iothera is a remake of Heliothaumic, which is a remake of The Midlands.
  • Rummage Sale Reject: Takako does not “dress to please others”.
    Cassandra: I know not wearing the entire ROYGVIB spectrum at once is anathema to you, but...

Cassandra: It's easy to get distracted with these things.

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