'''Instant Classic''' is a webcomic written and illustrated by Brian Carroll. It follows independent film maker Author Donathan's life in a fictionalized version of Connecticut. It can be found [[http://www.instantclassic.net here]].
* ICantBelieveItsNotHeroin: Pop (especially diet pop) is used as a standard GRatedDrug, with the worker at the movie theater concession stand acting as a bartender.
* HeroicBSOD: Kate suffers one after learning that Creator/OrsonWelles (whom she idolizes) voice acted in an anime (a genre that she regards as the lowest, least dignified form of filmmaking).
* MusicalEpisode: It'd had [[http://www.instantclassic.net/story.php?comicID=100 background scoring]] in it before, so it was only natural that it'd eventually include an [[http://www.instantclassic.net/story.php?comicID=207 actual musical number]] to play along with the comic as it was read.
* PrimaDonnaDirector: Litchfield. And much of the rest of the cast, from time to time.
* RebusBubble: Usede within the [[http://www.instantclassic.net/bd/index.php?comic=150 void of nothingness]] for its characters to solve problems.
* TheRant: Brian Carroll is a filmmaker and thus the majority of his rants end up being miniature articles on film and movies.
* TitleDrop: One strip revolves entirely around the expression "Instant Classic" and how it's a meaningless oxymoron (the word "classic" is defined as "having ''lasting'' significance or worth" thus a "classic" can't be "instant").
* WebcomicTime: An angry mob in [[http://www.instantclassic.net/bd/index.php?comic=52 shows up]] in a comic dated September 2007, but doesn't actually [[http://www.instantclassic.net/bd/index.php?comic=85 do anything]] until June 2009. "[[LampshadeHanging ... How long have we been standing out here...?]]"