[[caption-width-right:333:[[IdiotHero Our heroes.]]]]
''[[http://www.hyperboystudios.com/ Hyperboy]]'' is a [[{{Webcomics}} Webcomic]] / WebAnimation by Gene Goldstein. It follows the adventures of [[LifeEmbellished Gene]], a kid who gets a[[strike:scientifically based]] magic suit. HilarityEnsues.

!!This series includes examples of:
* AerosolFlamethrower: Done with the title character's evil twin. And it is badass.
* ClothesMakeTheSuperman: the Hypersuit is where Gene gets his powers. [[{{SweetTooth}} kind of.]]
* GlowingEyesOfDoom: [[spoiler: the Hypersuit in the animation. granted, it's not ''evil'' per se.]]