-->''Honeydew Syndrome (huhn-ee-doo, -dyoo sin-drohm, -druhm)''
--> ''n. The urge one member of a relationship feels to fulfil any requests or tasks given by the other member.''
-->''n. The occurrence of a mutual understanding between two people who, due to their different natures, should not understand each other under normal circumstances.''

[[http://honeydew.smackjeeves.com/ Honeydew Syndrome]] is a [[BoysLove BL]] webcomic about your typical emo kid, Metis (he's not emo, goddammit!) and your typical high school jock, Josh (he prefers not to be labeled). Metis is both a complete dumbass and a bit of a smartass, and Josh is really just a bit of a dork. For the first five chapters, the only other two characters are Charles, Metis' best friend and Jay, your typical scenester. Charles is, well. You wouldn't want to get on his bad side, or you might find your soul quickly in the possession of the devil, or at least it'll be broken from the pure overload of snark. We'll leave it at that. The other is Jay, a scene kid with the most bishounen hair of them all. He appears very little up until the sixth chapter, where the story begins to revolve somewhat around him.

Along with the switch of main character, the sixth chapter brings along several new characters: Jay's friends: Erik, Samuel, Sarah, and Odette.

Those are the players. Now, onto the story.

So this is how it starts: Josh introducing his fist to Metis' face.

Not quite what you would expect, huh? Yeah, well, Honeydew Syndrome mostly never is. Two parts comedy, one part drama, and one part just plain whatthefuckery, it all combines together to create a comic that's just plain awesome.

The creators also have an [[FilmNoir Noir-ish]] UrbanFantasy with some BL ship tease in the form of ''Webcomic/TwoKeys'', currently hosted on the Tapas site.

Recently created [[http://newshoe.tumblr.com/post/15493491691/happy-new-year-a-quick-present-for-everyone-who a few-page follow-up]] on May, Josh, Charles and Jay after their high school years, whereupon they seem more comfortable with the goings-on of their lives.
'''Tropes used include:'''

* BetaCouple - Erik and Samuel; though it's not like they didn't have their own issues in the past, they're almost over it by the time the series starts.
* BookEnds - The first five chapters start and end with the same basic dialogue.
* {{Bromance}}: Between Charles and Metis.
* CannotSpitItOut - Jay. Metis has to trick him into it.
** Josh, as well. [[spoiler: Charles has to suffer a little before Josh finally admits to it.]]
* CastFullOfGay - "Honeydew Syndrome" must refer to the gay plague that afflicts all the straight-seeming characters in this comic.
* CloudCuckooLander - Odette.
* DeadpanSnarker - Charles. He will never tire of pointing out to Metis exactly how many shades of dumbass he is.
** Erik would also qualify, and Metis's thought processes have shades of this.
* DudeLooksLikeALady - Jay has apparently been told he resembles Avril Lavigne, and resents the comparison greatly.
* FourthWallMailSlot - The three extra comics where the characters answer questions.
* HeroicBSOD - Used for comedy when Josh is asked in the extra if he loves Metis [[http://www.mangafox.com/manga/honeydew_syndrome/v01/c002/28.html here]]
* ICantBelieveAGuyLikeYouWouldNoticeMe - "...You're still a dumb jock who's popular. And people like that don't like people like me."
* IdiotHair - Metis has one. It's his favorite. Josh pulls it out, but it comes back again.
* InterruptedSuicide - PlayedForLaughs. Josh finds Metis on a roof (which he had climbed onto to retrieve a Frisbee) and jumps to the conclusion that he's attempting to kill himself. Metis plays along with it for the lulz. Josh is not pleased.
* LoveAtFirstPunch - Sort of.
* LoveBubbles - From time to time they appear.
* PrivateEyeMonologue - Chapter 3 starts with this.
* StoryArc - The comic is divided into two basic story arcs: the first five chapters are about Metis and Josh, and everything after that is about Jay / Charles and Erik / Samuel.
* StraightGay - Josh, who is, as previously stated, a jock. But he might also be [[BiTheWay bisexual]] (since he ''did'' have a girlfriend at some point or the other), a follower of the "[[IfItsYouItsOkay I'm not gay, I just love this one guy]]" school of thought...or simply [[SingleTargetSexuality Metis-sexual]].
** Erik, too.
* VolleyingInsults - This happens very briefly between Josh and Metis in the last scene of chapter 5.