Honey and the Whirlwind is a webcomic that follows Oliver and Abigail as they search for Truth through alchemy, magic, and adventure. Itís a story about dreams, reality, and everything in between.
One day Oliver, 21 at the time, helps a woman with the groceries for her daughter's empty 11th birthday party. Oliver tells Abby that it's his birthday, too, and they become fast friends.
5 years later a weird dream of Oliver's involving a childhood friend named Divi causes Oliver to remember everything about magic he knew as a child. This knowledge sends the duo into a dream realm where they begin to learn magic in the hopes of finding Abby's father.

!! This show provides examples of:
* ActionGirl: From what we've seen so far, Divi qualifies.
* BonusMaterial: A LooseCanon strip put up for National Free Comic Book Day
* DreamSequence: Many.
* FanService: Both Abby and Divi sleep in their panties and a tight shirt.
* ParentalAbandonment: Abby's dad, though he didn't mean to.
* SteamPunk: The dream realm qualifies, and the author sells steampunk goggles on etsy much like those worn by comic characters.
* WordSaladTitle: So far, no reference to honey or a whirlwind.