Webcomic: High School Of The Gods

High School of the Gods is a gag-per-day Sprite Comic written by Dreia Melinkoff, started on June 16, 2012. High School of the Gods features the deities of Norse, Egyptian, and Greek mythology as students at the same high school.

High School of the Gods credits the Web site TekTek Gaia Dream Avatar Creator for the character art.

Update: One to two per weekday.

Tropes used by this webcomic:

  • All Girls Want Bad Boys - averted with Apollo, who has the muscle car, attitude and plays guitar, but can't get a girl to save his life.
  • Crossover Cosmology
  • Genius Bonus - the comic is funnier if you know what myths and history are being referenced.
    • The Egyptian deities are consistently upset with the Greek deities for getting their names wrong and causing confusion around the school. In actuality, the names with which most people are familiar (Anubis, Horus, et cetera) are actually the Greek versions of the names.
  • Fun Personified - Dionysus is midway between this and the Stoner.
  • Real Men Wear Pink - Thor is a crossdresser and he's not ashamed.
  • Values Dissonance - practically the entire point of the comic. The Gods do things that are socially unacceptable, outrageous, tacky, or even morally repugnant by conventional human morals.
  • The Woobie - Anubis
    • "My name is Anpu!"
    • "I am the Weigher of Souls! The Guardian of the Dead! I am NOT Adorable!"
      • "Who's a cute widdle Lord of Death? I think it's you!"