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Webcomic: Head Trip
"We're the good kind of crazy, we swear."

Head Trip is a Webcomic by Amanda "Shinga" Bussell. It is largely a Slice of Life comic, focusing on the trials, tribulations and Manatee Gags of its main character, Fiery Redhead Malory. Mal's two younger sisters Kat and Lilian are featured to a more limited extent, as they (like Shinga's real sisters) live in a different state.

In addition to the regular comic, Head Trip also runs Emokid and Chemokid, a story about two maladjusted superheroes who join a group of other equally maladjusted (and weird) superheroes. They meet Cane and Rider, two disabled superheroes who are the only ones in the group with brains and fight against their archnemesis, Memoman.

The comic was originally hosted on Comic Genesis until it was "promoted" to Keen Spot.

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