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GU Comics is a webcomic written and illustrated by Woody Hearn.


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GU Comics [formerly "/gu ..."] is a single panel webcomic written, drawn, and colored by William "Woody" Hearn. Established July 10, 2000 and launched August 15, 2000, GU is published, free, three to five times a week on its own web site. The comic focuses on a single video game such as EverQuest and World of Warcraft; but, it also comments on gaming industry and community news, often lampooning gamers in general through the adventures of Hearn and his fictional roommate, Ted, and occasionally parodies contemporary social, political, and personal issues related to the online and general video game world. Woody Hearn accomplishes this through the unique use of enormous blob-shaped objects roughly approximating the shape and anatomical location of a human head, although grotesquely misshapen and taking up most of any given panel.

Prominent/Notable characters:

Woody Hearn - The artist of GU Comics

Ted Prescott - Imaginary friend, extreme gamer, and roommate of Woody; able to do/be all of those things that a real, normal, and civilized person could not.

Iggy McStickson - A stick figure who appears to explain interruptions to the regular comic-posting schedule due to technical difficulties, health difficulties, or just plain ol' life interruptions of the Artist. Known for his catchphrase "Poopy!"

The Zapper (July 1, 2004) - When gaming projects in the real world close/fold, they are given the physical form of a bug/insect and flown into The Zapper to meet their final ceremonious rest.
* * 'Shadowbane' and 'Horizons' - these two games/flies were part of the second comic to feature the Zapper. They were somehow spared the full wrath of The Zapper, and remain nearby, to this day, to spectate and comment on the continuous flow of projects and titles that are flown into The Zapper by the Artist on a semi-regular basis.

TheKid™ - Art evolves, as does the real-life of the artist. Woody's young son is reaching the age where gamer values and a love of gaming can be taught and instilled. Father and Son.

Games/Personalities featured:(Original date appearing in comic)

EverQuest (July 2000)
* * Vhah - Barbarian Warrior. Appearing in the first comic (and many more afterwards) as Woody's in-game persona. (Originally on Vallon Zek server, now on Prexus server http://www.gucomics.com/20090612 )
* * Foos - Gnome Warrior. Apparently Woody's dog learned how to play an MMORPG and created his own character. Turns out, he was quite the ladies' man. Developed a case of canine Chuck Cunningham Syndrome due to Real Life Writes the Plot.
* * Zugg - Orge Warrior. A Fashionista, constantly concerned with color coordinating his armor and making sure that upgrades did not 'make butt look too fat'. (Not-so-spoiler-alert: Ogres are the largest playable race in EverQuest - everything makes them look fat)

Verant Interactive [formerly Redeye Interactive, now Sony Online Entertainment (SOE)] - The PC/Online platform development branch of Sony Pictures Entertainment Corp which created EverQuest.
* * Gordon "Abashi" Wrinn - Verant Spokesperson
* * Alan "Absor" Vancouvering - Assistant Lead Designer
* * Brad McQuaid (also including his charicatured alter-ego 'The Vision™') - Vice President and Co-founder of Verant
* * John 'Smed' Smedley - President and Co-founder of Verant (now also President of SOE)

Dark Age of Camelot (April 2003)
* * Toast - A member of the troll race with a penchant for accidentally (or intentionally) crushing important persons/objects beneath his ponderous bulk... this evolved into a running gag usually accompanied by his catchphrase "Toast Smish!" when such occurrences were happened upon by the rest of his party.

Planetside (April 2003)

EverQuest II (May 2003)

Star Wars: Galaxies (May 2003)

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (March 2004)

World of Warcraft (April 2003)
* * Grektholar - Orc Warrior on the Doomahammer server. Woody's in-game persona in World of Warcraft.

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