'''''Flagland''''' is a {{webcomic}} drawn by Svip from Denmark, started in 2010. It satirizes historical events such as the [[UsefulNotes/WorldWarI World]] [[UsefulNotes/WorldWarII Wars]] and UsefulNotes/TheNapoleonicWars, and occasionally fictional events as well.

The characters are nations or peoples, represented by a stick figure with the nation's flag on his shirt (hence the name ''Flagland''). It can be found [[http://flagland.org/ here]].

!!''Flagland'' provides examples of:
* AuthorAppeal: The author really [[CaptainObvious likes flags]].
* NiceHat: The [[http://flagland.org/?strip=2 second strip]] pauses briefly so that the United Kingdom and Germany can get put on a top hat and a Pickelhaube
* UnsoundEffect: Most prominently used [[http://flagland.org/?strip=5 here ]]
* UsefulNotes/WorldWarI
* UsefulNotes/WorldWarII