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Webcomic: Finders Keepers
Finder's Keepers is an Urban Fantasy webcomic focusing on the exploits of Cardinal, Lord and Aspect of the Primary Directions and some other stuff, and Cailyn Asher, the owner of his Soul Jar through a bit of poor choice of words. Now she's being chased by Living Shadows, meeting The Powers That Be face to face, and discovering that pretty much every myth she's ever heard is true... but not always the way she heard it.

Finder's Keepers is written and drawn by Garth Cameron Graham, also the author of the now-ended Slice of Life webcomic Comedity.

The comic has been placed on indefinite hiatus, but the artist claims they will be starting a new comic in 2013.

Not to be confused with Finders Keepers, the Nickelodeon game show of the same name.

Tropes in Finder's Keepers include:

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