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Webcomic: Fera

Fera is a fantasy webcomic created by Davy Shirley, better known by his pen name, t_iii. It is a Fantasy and Adventure comic with technology inspired by SteamPunk, as well as LGBT romance. The stories primary focus is on a small band of would-be heroes who set out to uncover the truth behind recent attacks on their home town, their relationships, ethnic tensions and adventures along the way.

Though not a true Furry Comic, Fera does include CatGirl type characters, as well as a number of other humanoids that fit into the anthropomorphic category.

Fera updates weekly.

This webcomic provides examples of:

  • CatGirl : Kato, Dom and their entire species fall into this category.
  • BandageBabe : A few cast members have been bandaged up after accidents and battles-gone-wrong.
  • DualWielding : Katos' weapons of choice are twin daggers.
  • FunctionalMagic : Magic exists as a science on the world of Mu, primarily associated with a genetic marker and telekinetic abilities.
  • ReverseGrip : Kato usually holds her daggers in this way.
  • TorchesAndPitchforks : When Kato is tried for killing the city council, the crowd gets heated.
  • WrenchWench : Dee shows a fascination and skill with mechanical devices.
  • HybridMonster : The Orcs of Mu are an example of this.
  • DoesNotLikeShoes : The Ferans as a race appear to normally avoid footwear for cultural reasons.
  • Mascot : The angelKat mascot appears hidden in several panels. In a reverse of this a doll of Kato appears in the background in the angelKat Adventures mini-comics.
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alternative title(s): Fera
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