''Captain Tjakhlune Hawke has only one goal in her life; she wants to catch a man with no name, and she'll go to any length or time to do it.''

->''"We had stolen the texts of Aristotle because History said we would."''
-->-- '''Malevin'''

After being wronged by a man long ago, Captain Hawke resolved to see him punished. Holding the same power of TimeTravel as the man she hunts, she now lives in an endless pursuit of him across time, causing many historical events in the process. The crew that supports her has been drawn from the hopeless of various ages. Now, though, things have finally reached a critical point: the hunt is killing her, and her enemy knows it. Given how long as he has eluded her, her time may run out before she can claim victory. Meanwhile, her crew is finally being forced to face the mysteries surrounding her grudge and abilities.

A MundaneFantastic character piece, centered on numerous [[DrivingQuestion Driving Questions]].

Currently in the process of being reuploaded to a new host after the last one went down.

Read it [[http://fatedfeather.smackjeeves.com/chapters/65573/book-one-finding-fated-feathers/ here]].

!!This series provides examples of:

* AbortedArc: The original flashback-based chapter 6 was dropped nearly halfway through, removed, and replaced.
* AloneInACrowd: Laryk, standing off on her own while Hawke fights Kaanis and the others watch [[spoiler:because Hawke had just cast her out of the crew]].
* AnimalThemeNaming: Hawke's crew members are named after birds; Wolfe's after canids.
* BloodFromTheMouth: Hawke, strained by time travel.
* BrokenPedestal: Chapter 7.
* TheChessmaster: Wolfe.
* TheConscience: Laryk.
* CynicismCatalyst: Much of the crew's fairly dark commitment to hunting wolf stems from an event discussed in flashback [[spoiler:where a crate taken from Wolfe contained Krayne's dead body]].
* DatingCatwoman: Raivyn and Kaanis.
* DeadlyUpgrade: Hawke's use of her ability to time travel is killing her.
* DefrostingIceQueen: Subverted when Hawke abandons the warmth she'd begun to show her crew [[spoiler:in response to Lywren's association with Wolfe]].
* DesignatedHero: Captain Hawke (and her crew) are not presented as having performed any unambiguously righteous acts, despite their image as righteous crusaders.
* DidYouThinkICantFeel: Laryk [[spoiler:though Hawke responds vindictively to the revelation]].
* DontYouDarePityMe: Hawke.
* TheDragon: Kaanis.
* FishOutOfTemporalWater: Lywren, until Chapter 4.
* GenkiGirl: Bowern.
* GorgeousPeriodDress: Hawke, Raivyn, and Malevin.
* HiddenDepths: Wolfe.
* HotLibrarian: Lywren.
* IncurableCoughOfDeath: Hawke.
* JerkAssWoobie: Hawke.
* LadyOfWar: Hawke and Raivyn.
* LampshadeHanging: "You have so many names that you don't have a name? That's ridiculous."
* LesYay: Raivyn and Hawke.
* MeaningfulName: Almost everyone.
* MyNaymeIs: The [[MeaningfulName Meaningful Names]] of both crews are purposefully misspelled.
* NotSoInvincibleAfterAll: Hawke seems all but untouchable, but her obsessive pursuit is killing her.
* NumberTwo: Raivyn and Kaanis.
* PluckyComicRelief: Bowern, except when her unique perspective renders her [[OnlySaneMan the only one]] capable of seeing [[CassandraTruth how horrible things are]].
* ThePollyanna: Bowern.
* PosthumousCharacter: Krayne.
* ProtagonistCenteredMorality: Excepting matters made personally important to the Captain by Laryk, Captain Hawke and her crew ignore notions of objective morality in favor of whatever suits Hawke.
* ThePsychoRangers: Wolfe's crew.
* PunctuatedForEmphasis: "Bring. Me. Lywren."
* QuirkyMinibossSquad: Wolfe's crew.
* ShownTheirWork: The art, architecture, and backstories..
* StableTimeLoop: All changes made to history are the fulfillment of actions the characters were "supposed" to have taken.
* TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth: Krayne.
* UndyingLoyalty: Raivyn.
* TheWatson: Lywren.
* WhamEpisode: Chapter 7[[supersecretspoiler:,]][[spoiler: when Hawke casts Laryk out of the crew]].
* WithUsOrAgainstUs: There is little or no tolerance for any that take any issue with Hawke's will.
* WomanScorned: Hawke.