->''"Lex and Lucy, simultaneously: All right, intruder, what are you doing in my house? YOUR house? This is MY house! Stop doing that! Stop doing what? ARGH!"''

Written and drawn by {{Tropers/Iambic}}, a devoted Troper, [[http://fallcityblues.livejournal.com Fall City Blues]] follows the [[IncrediblyLamePun chaos]] when Lex and Lucy, {{alternate universe}} versions of each other, get stuck sharing an apartment after their two realities are merged to save space. Add a rock-eating alien chick, a bunch of terrible puns, and a helping of mad science, and you've got the general drift.

!!''Fall City Blues'' contains examples of:

* {{Alternate Universe}} - The premise is this.
* BSideComics - Transitfish Syndrome, which doubles as DadaComics (see below). Also Fall City Blues (unframed!), which features the characters in random gags.
* ChromaticArrangement - Lex (pink), Lucy (tealish), and Eiffel (green).
* {{Dada Comics}} - Transitfish Syndrome
* EmbarrassingFirstName - [[strike:Lexington and Lucentia]] Lex and Lucy.
* {{Expy}} - Smithy wouldn't be out of place in a Creator/PGWodehouse story.
* {{Fakeout Makeout}} - Eiffel grabs Lex to evade the cops.
* {{Hurricane Of Puns}} - Lex and Lucy have an ongoing fork-related pun war.
* InnBetweenTheWorlds - The Dandelions Club.
* MeetCute - Lex and Eiffel. See FakeoutMakeout.
* OnlyOneName - Everyone except Smithy.
* OppositeSexClone - Lex and Lucy are somewhere between this and HalfIdenticalTwins.
* PinkGirlBlueBoy - Inverted. Lex has pink hair, Lucy's is blue-green.