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Webcomic: Even in the Deepest Heart of Chaos... A Glimmer of Order Can Be Found
Even in the Deepest Heart of Chaos... a Glimmer of Order Can Be Found is a comic composed of random photographs.

Every strip has been generated by inputting a keyword into a script and getting a set of six random photos off Flickr. The author then added text to the panels in an attempt to weld the photos into a (semi-)coherent narrative. The results vary from the strained to the fascinating.

The comic ended with the 500th strip in 2008; full archives are available. The author went on to create a different webcomic, Tiny Ghosts.

Even in the deepest heart of chaos, a glimmer of tropes can be found:

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alternative title(s): Even In The Deepest Heart Of Chaos A Glimmer Of Order Can Be Found
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