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Webcomic: Eternal Knights
Eternal Knights is a webcomic hosted on ComicFury.

"Kathryn "Artemis'" Kennedy"

Suicidal immortal Kathryn "Artemis" Kennedy finds reasons to live — and a way to die.

Eternal Knights was created, written, and illustrated by Caley Tibbittz. It is colored by Grace Freeman. David Aspmo made important contributions to the eaerly development of the first story arc, receiving an editorial credit. Several issues are available online here.

Stories Include:

Eternal Knights contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Drivento Suicide: Kathryn seeks her own death after approximately 1,000 years of fighting and suffering losses of loved ones, as she explains here.
  • Famous Ancestor: Kathryn is the semi-secret daughter of Ard Ri (High King) Brian Boru of Ireland, as Ribwort notes here. Julia is the daughter of Lord Oberon as she and James Barrington obliquely reference here.
  • Good Bad Girl: Erica, as seen here.
  • Lesbian Vampire: Kathryn's sister Arayna is a lesbian vampire as first observable here when she enjoys staring intently at the anatomical details of the crotch of a statue of Titania.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: James Barrington is sex obsessed as seen but with a certain sense of chivalry, as seen here enjoying the view but considering Julia's modesty as well.
  • Knightin Sour Armor: Kathryn no longer engages verbally with those she saves, instead prompting them to run from danger by threatening them with her swords as seen here.
  • Manina Kilt: Leader of the Avalonian Guard Ribwort wears a kilt and little else as obeserved by James Barrington
  • Nakedon Arrival: Julia touches down in the human realm naked as an Avalonion here.
  • Secret Identity: Kathryn maintains a successive series of
  • Sexier Alter Ego: Kathryn's standard plainclothes are much more conservative than her Artemis armor.
  • Whatthe Hell Hero: Amapola of the Avalonian Guard calls Kathryn on her threatening Julia with iron, which is deadly to faeries here.

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