Webcomic / Elven Lacryment

Question: What does ?Lacryment? mean?
Answer: Look it up. Ok, ok. It actually doesn't mean anything. It's basically a fabricated word modified from ?Lachrymate?, which means "to weep". It's a hybrid of "Lachrymate" and "lament", both which mean very similar things. The title "Elven Lacryment" is supposed to give the impression of deep grief, as felt by elves alone. My, I bullshitted that one good. No one will know it was a type-o.
—>—From the Elven Lacryment FAQ

Elven Lacryment is a high fantasy webcomic full of blood and gore. It centers around a young elf named Shadow Wolf and her friends as they try to get revenge on the orcs that razed her village.

It can be read here and is currently being re-drawn.

This webcomic has examples of: