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Webcomic: Edison Hate Future
Edison Hate Future is a cut-and-paste webcomic by Warren Ellis featuring a single piece of clip-art that has Thomas Edison wearing what appears to be primitive headphones.

Why Edison hates the future (or proper grammar and capitalization) is never fully elucidated (it is hinted, however, that he doesn't like how we in the future use the World Wide Intar Wub mostly for sending pictures of cats). What is clear is that he has numerous problems himself, including severe mental disorders (the "stabby stabby FUCKING STABBY" thoughts), which the primitive headphones seem to help keep at bay. The headphones also suck the tears from his eyes (so "edison never let fuckers see him cry") and cleans his "dirty dirty brain blood."

Edison also has low self-esteem, due to what appears to be a bad breakup ("she will regret leaving edison"), resulting in his outrage with the world. He is also on a variety of medication ("why aren't the pills working?") and may have tried to commit suicide in the past ("stop looking at edison's wrists").

Edison hate future and Edison hate YOU.

Edison Hate Future contains the following tropes:

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alternative title(s): Edison Hate Future
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