Webcomic: Dressed For Success

"The Universe is a dangerous place. Bring a Friend."

Dressed For Success is a webcomic by Chris Howard and Jeff Wasson that originally started as a black and white mini-comic in 1991. It was brought back in web form in 2009. It originally published a page a week, but has recently shifted to every other week. The original black and white mini-comic stories are being posted weekdays at Dressed For Success Retro. The first storyline of the new webcomic was an Indiana Jones parody. The second storyline, Ghosts of Hunters Past picks up on stories and characters from the original comics.

The series is a science-fiction comedy, satire, parody, buddy, road movie comic about a drifter and an accountant who become friends by chance while both fleeing the intergalactic mob.

Provides examples of:

  • Art Evolution: The art quality increases over the original series, most strikingly when the same scene from the first issue is re-visited in issue 12. The new webcomic stories have added colour which has moved from flat to more detailed shading with the new story.
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