A military webcomic similar to ''Webcomic/AirForceBlues'', about the men and women of the 89th Bomber Squadron, AKA "The Mad Cows". Drawn by an active duty officer in the US Air Force, it abruptly got put on hiatus, with the author preferring not to discuss the specifics of why. As of March 2009, it is [[{{Uncancelled}} back online]] at [[http://www.thecrewdogs.com/ www.thecrewdogs.com]].

!!Tropes in this webcomic include:

* BitingTheHandHumor: Possibly what lead to the comic's hiatus, although the author prefers not to discuss it.
* BlatantLies: A bomber is seen coming in for a landing, parts falling off, two engines on fire, plowing into the ground, ripping a wing off and bursting into flames. The crew ([[RuleOfFunny unharmed]]) inform the mechanics that there are no mechanical problems with the plane, and ask if they can go home.
* CaffeineBulletTime: The protagonist distracts the IG staff during an inspection by making the coffee with Red Bull instead of water. The entire IG staff [[PhlebotinumOverload spends all of their time standing around the coffee machine jittering and going on about how fantastic the coffee is.]]
* CannonFodder: The bomber commander in the second strip of [[http://www.thecrewdogs.com/Archive1/2011_10_23.html this page]] intends to use his fighter escorts as this.
--> '''Bobby''': Escort does not mean SAM-bait d***-it! GET BACK HERE!
* CrossOver: With ''Webcomic/AirForceBlues'', several times.
* DueToTheDead: [[http://www.thecrewdogs.com/Archive/2011_07_21.html The author pays tribute to some friends who never made it back]].
* {{Expy}}: Barkatraz AFB is an Expy for Barksdale AFB
* TheInquisitorGeneral: A RunningGag in the comic was the Inspector General being a LawfulEvil sort of guy who would schedule his inspections to interfere with holiday leave, and who was evidently capable of OffscreenTeleportation.
* MildlyMilitary
* MustHaveCaffeine: The main character had such an addiction to Red Bull, it almost gave him a heart attack. ''In his early 20's.''
* ShoutOut: The squadron's building is infested with [[Film/ThePrincessBride Rodents Of Unusual Size]]. They have been known to reach down from the ceiling tiles to [[VerticalKidnapping grab unsuspecting airmen and officers]].
* SpitTake: Calvin does this into his girlfriend's face [[http://www.thecrewdogs.com/Archive1/2011_12_18.html when she tells him that she wants to marry]].
* {{Uncancelled}}: Back online as of March 2011.