Webcomic: Crawlers

Who's idea was it to come here? I'm going to kill them. Unless it was me.

Crawlers is a webcomic by Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf which follows a band of characters from TableTopGames. The protagonists are especially good a taking out the ridiculously increasing challenges put in front of them. The game appears to be a generic fantasy rpg ran by the "Fatemaster".

The Comic starts out with four Player Characters: Mechan, who fits best in TheRealMan category. Xionus, who best fits in the Munchkin category. Flynn, the closest the group has to a role player. And, Llayna, who is regarded as rather useless.

Later it is revealed that there is a fifth regular to the group. Garzzle Splooze, who best fits in TheLoonie category

This webcomic provides examples of:

  • Nerf: Through out the first three chapters of the series Fate attempts to change the rules in order to strip Xionus of power.
  • You All Meet In An InnA flashback in "Crawlers" reveals that the original Crawlers met in an inn. Earlier in the series the trope is made fun of as a device to let readers know the generic soldiers are actually new players.

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