Webcomic / Cordless

"the one where people have cords
coming out of them
like big bad robotic hentai beasts"
— Wheeeeeeatthins

Cordless is an interactive comic based on Homestuck published on the MS Paint Adventures forums by a forumgoer called Sega (no, not that Sega). The plot is very similar to Homestuck; bunch of people play SBURB, the meteors come, the kids enter the medium and begin an epic quest. The main difference is that the players are aliens from the planet Terron and have robotic arms called 'Cords' attached to them at birth to determine their caste. They use Virtual Reality instead of contemporary computers, meaning that they're present as a Hologram to manipulate their client's environment, and the meteors are pretty much a non-issue due to Terron Meteor Defence System.

So they get to deal with the DOOMSDAY INSTIGATOR.

Cordless stands out because of its original characters, worldbuilding and Flash animations.

On October 26th, 2011, the author announced the death of the series, citing a lack of satisfaction in it.

On April 12, 2012 the author revived it with a reboot of the original, Rebuild of Cordless. Unfortunately it only lasted six months before it stopped updating again. As of June 2014 the reboot's pictures have vanished from their host, Dropbox.

Cordless exhibits the following tropes: