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Webcomic: Cominerds
"A bunch of idiots like comics.

It's funny. Trust me."

Cominerds is a webcomic by Smackjeeves user pwii. The comic started in 1-14-11 Largely due to pwii's admiration of Fanboys. It follows the adventures of Andy, Dom, and Bob, Two comic nerds (Andy, Bob) and one casual comic reader (Dom). The comic starts out as Two Gamers on a Couch with comics, but quickly moves on to a sort of Random Events Plot. Three other characters are shortly introduced: Chloe, Rose, and Ed. Rose is obsessed with manga, and Andy is obsessed with comics; which leads to some interesting 'debates'.

Originally, the comic was just about the friends talking and going on with their lives, but it quickly adapted Rule of Cool and Rule of Funny as laws of physics. Cominerds is most notable for having several gags in one comic, the comic-page format constantly, and updating on time (in the sense that there's about 1 comic a week, not over a day late).

This webcomic contains examples of:

Closed GateSmack JeevesComplicated Ness

alternative title(s): Cominerds
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