''[[http://www.claudeandmo.net/ Claude & Monet]]'' is a sci-fi webcomic created by Rob Barba and Ayne Hart, updated with a new page every Tuesday and Friday (originally Tues and Thurs).

Mostly a caper comic featuring a team of "professionals" (soldiers-of-fortune) in a galaxy torn apart by war.

A series {{reboot}} has been announced for November 2015.

!!Tropes seen in this webcomic:

* AbsentAliens: None at all.
* ActionGirl: Monet, Miki, and Ambika.
** Monet definitely falls into the GirlsWithGuns subtype.
* {{Animesque}}: Both creators frequently acknowledge an overly long exposure to the medium as inspiration.
* ArtificialLimbs / NeuralImplanting / SuperSenses: Monet is shown using her artificial eyes three times so far.
** Additionally, Claude and Monet both use built-in neural communication devices as opposed to Miki, who uses an earpiece.
* BeingPersonalIsntProfessional: Averted in a big way, at least with Monet and to a lesser extent Miki.
** Claude, however, HatesSmallTalk over the comm channels during a mission.
* BlackAndGrayMorality / WhiteAndGrayMorality: So far, all the characters presented seem to fall somewhere in the nexus of this complexity.
** Monet didn't kill any of her opponents but had no problem stripping Ambika down to nothing in the winter cold.
** Brenner, on the other hand, ordered Monet killed, but takes care of his subordinates even if they fail.
* CasualDangerDialog: the heroes generally thrive on this.
* ChekhovsExhibit: The vase from in the first story arc.
* ClassyCatBurglar: Monet mostly, but in general the organization she, Claude, and Miki work for.
* ClothingDamage: Monet ends up with this after an attempt to cause a distraction [[GoneHorriblyWrong Goes Horribly Wrong]].
-->'''Miki:''' "Um...you're a little under-dressed for the weather."
-->'''Monet:''' "The flaretapes were ''supposed'' to be distraction ''outside'' the biosuit - not ''inside''."
** Monet, of course, solves this problem by ''[[ClothingSwitch stealing]]'' Ambika's clothing and throwing away the assassin's undergarments...after spiderlining her to the nearest pole.
* DeadpanSnarker: Monet even taunts Ambika for her lack of quipping.
* DoNotCallMePaul: Monet really, really, ''really'' doesn't like her first name Lily.
** For her, at least, it's a case of an EmbarrassingFirstName.
* GrandpaWhatMassiveHotnessYouHave: Brenner is well into his fifties and is in better shape than most of the people half his age.
* GratuitousNinja: Miki.
* IKnowYouKnowIKnow: Brenner knows that Monet knows what he's up to and vice versa.
* PolarOppositeTwins: Yin-Feng seems to be the YamatoNadeshiko (despite being of Chinese ancestry instead of Japanese), while her identical twin Yun-Feng is a WrenchWench and pilot.
* PostCyberpunk: The creative team have stated the world is designed with a lighter ''Anime/GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex'' feel.
* PsychoForHire: Ambika. Just...Ambika.
* SciFiWritersHaveNoSenseOfScale: Lampshaded in both the [[SciFiWritersHave/NoSenseOfDistance distance]] and [[SciFiWritersHave/NoSenseOfTime time]] senses in that that hyperspace travel is so confusing the average person can't figure it out in their head.
-->'''Yin-Feng:''' "Oh, we started about four hours ago, sir. That or two days ago. You know how hard it is to tell time between star systems."
* ShoutOut:
** At one point Claude steals a car belonging to a [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic celebrity]] [[http://www.claudeandmonet.com/?webcomic_post=01-04-02 with a peculiar name.]]
** The creators have a fondness for retro brands as seen in the fact that [=PanAm=] and Eastern Airlines are two competing transport shuttle companies.
*** The [=PanAm=] one is a ''meta'' reference in particular for the [=PanAm=] Clipper named "Clipper [[YoshinoriSunahara Sunahara]]"
* WeHelpTheHelpless: '''Both''' Claude & Monet's parent organization and Brenner's organization fit this trope. Sometimes.
* XanatosSpeedChess - Brenner was already several steps ahead of the game. Possibly more.