Castle is a webcomic created by Doodleniks on [=deviantART=]. It follows the story of a young girl with potent magical abilities and her quest to enter a dark castle from which no one has ever returned. It started on the August 8th 2012 and is currently active. Although it originally updated once a week on Wednesday, it switched to updates on Monday and Friday.

It can be found on ComicFury and the creator's Deviantart page.

If you're looking for the TV show starring NathanFillion and Stana Katic, [[Series/{{Castle}} go here]].
!! Castle contains examples of:
* BigFancyCastle: The eponymous castle.
* EmotionlessGirl: The main character seems this way, from what we've seen so far. The artist even said that she's "not exactly the life of the party".