''[[http://cantrip.wormbone.com/ Cantrip the Magic Rabbit]]'' is a webcomic by Phil Gibson and Shon Howell.

This web comic has been on hold since 10th may 2010.

!!''Cantrip the Magic Rabbit'' provides examples of:

* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Goldie's got two of them, and twins no less! They're named Ronnie and Randy.
* BadDreams: Candice has a recurring nightmare involving a [[http://lancaster-comic.com/cantrip/wordpress/?p=27/ house]]. Goldie has one as well, but it is likely more of a {{flash back}}.
* ChekhovsGunman: Dr. Tripp tends to fire these off at inopportune times -- as in, [[RefugeInAudacity randomly inserting the names of incredibly ominous-sounding future plot elements into conversations]] in an attempt to jog Candice's memory.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Prudence Franklin, diminutive gal-pal of Goldie who just so happened to be struck by lightning in junior high.
** And many in the fandom believe that the lightning [[LightningCanDoAnything did more than just make her eccentric]]. The authors haven't said either way, but since there's been at least one mention of a future Atlantis story-arc, it wouldn't be [[IncrediblyLamePun prudent]] to put it outside the realm of possibility.
* FiveManBand: Though not yet confirmed, many hints seem to point to...
** TheHero - Candice
** TheLancer - Goldie
** TheSmartGuy - Bianca Featherton
** TheRival - Parker Ames
** TheChick - Pammie Broadstreet
** SixthRanger - Devi Usher
*** It may just be a coincidence, but that seems to fit together a bit ''too'' well.
*** (Note on Parker: He is '''''totally crushing''''' on Goldie. [[spoiler: And it seems that [[HoYay Candice might be as well]], judging from how she kissed Goldie on the lips right out of the blue in Chapter One...]])
*** [[spoiler:Goldie: "Y...You're tellin' ''me''..."]]
* FormerChildStar: Marigold "Goldie" Flutter is famous around town for starring in a series of car dealership commercials in her [[http://lancaster-comic.com/cantrip/wordpress/?p=16/ childhood]].
* HarmlessElectrocution: Averted with [[http://cantrip.wormbone.com/?p=288 Prudence]].
* HotTeacher: Ms. Victoria Toley. Making Honors Algebra, Geometry and Economics [[IncrediblyLamePun foxey like never before.]]
* MauveShirt: Although it's unknown if this would really apply here, Prudence Franklin is a very likely contender for this trope; while she's not ''technically'' a central character, she's made quite a few appearances in the comic, she's shown up in a lot of art on the series, and if she showed up just a bit less frequently, her popularity might very well also qualify her for [[EnsembleDarkhorse another trope.]]
* MsFanservice: Dr. Tripp's maids.
* MysteriousPast: Candice Tripp, the eponymous magic rabbit, is the definition of this.