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Webcomic: CTHS
Cybertron High School

CTHS is a Transformers fancomic that has set out to both lovingly and harshly poke fun at every aspect of the franchise while also telling a semi-serious story. The setting is a pre-war Cybertron, when the vast majority of the principle characters from official media are either seniors in a high school, or are faculty working there. The foundation of the comic lies in depicting stereotypes, cliches, and more stereotypes; with real-world tropes used to highlight the inanity of some aspects of the franchise.

One of the main features of the comic is that every one of the Loads and Loads of Characters embodies at least one well-defined stereotype that may or may not resemble their canonical personality at all. Most of them are OrdinaryHighSchoolStudents by default. Here's a full list of the canon characters that have appeared so far:

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alternative title(s): CTHS
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