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Webcomic: Biscuit
Don't worry. Most people haven't.

"This is the Amberleigh Girls' Reform, Mister Holloway. Our residents are dangerous young women."

Elmar Pelarian was fourteen years old when she slew a rival through magical means. Disowned, imprisoned, and tempered at the Amberleigh Girls' Reform, she resigns herself to a decade of incarceration.

Fortunately for Elmar, someone out there has different plans.

Halfway through her term, the secretive Mr. Holloway buys her freedom at 'a friend's' behest. Plunged back into the outside world, Elmar finds herself struggling with her magically enforced apathy in a society she never quite understood.

A Slice of Life dramedy set in an Edwardianesque fantasy world. Updates weekly. Can be read on Smackjeeves and MangaMagazine.

This webcomic provides examples of:

  • Art Evolution: And how! The art changes visibly between strips.
  • Blood Magic
  • Emotionless Girl: Elmar Pelarian, as a side effect of her Power Limiters.
  • Animesque: The first few pages sport needlessly tall speech bubbles. Also, screentones. Screentones everywhere.
  • Functional Magic: Of the 'inherent gift' variety. Magic, in practice, is simply an individual's unique mode of manifesting and manipulating their will.
  • Witch Species: All of humanity. However, men and women's intrinsic abilities fundamentally differ.
  • Slice of Life: Strange, considering the premise.
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