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Webcomic: Annarasumanara
Seeing eye to...hat.

Annarasumanara is a Korean webcomic by Ha Il-kwon. It is a Coming-of-Age Story of high school student Yun Ai note  who, due to her unfortunate living situation, must work part-time jobs to scrape by for herself and her younger sister while maintaining exceptional grades in hopes of a better future. She wishes to grow up quickly and put the hardships of life behind her.

One day, she encounters the rumoured magician that wanders the shut down amusement park. Sensing his trustworthiness, she soon becomes drawn to him in spite of his shortcomings, like his childish outlook on life, and rumours of his possibly tainted past. Yun Ai comes to realize with the magician's help that she has bigger dreams than merely living a typical life and that she must follow her own path if she ever wants to find true happiness.

This comic is hosted on Naver in its original Korean and translated into English.

This works contains examples of:

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alternative title(s): Annarasumanara
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