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Webcomic: Angband - Tales from the Pit
This story follows the adventures of Explorington III, a valiant @ in the ASCII dungeons of Angband. Bitter, cynical and just plain weird. And that's just the hero. A liking for, and knowledge of, the Roguelike genre of games comes in handy when reading this three-day-a-week strip. You can read it here. (However, some browsers seem to have difficulty maintaining the page, as the page often shifts to a completely different website, and so this comic may no longer be available.)

Has nothing to do with Tales from the Pit, a separate and totally unrelated webcomic.

Tropes featured include:

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An American Nerd In Animated TokyoGaming WebcomicsAngry Birds Holiday Comics
AmyaFantasy WebcomicsAngel Moxie

alternative title(s): Angband Tales From The Pit
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