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Webcomic: After Zero
After Zero (full name Mega Man Zero: After Zero) is a Mega Man fan-Sprite Comic by Some New Guy that utilizes the Zero and Mega Man ZX universes.

Taking place one year after the finale of Zero, the story stars Elpizo, villain of Zero 2, newly restored from a Cyber Elf to help fight off...Prometheus?! It starts as a simple "fight the Evil Overlord" plot, but as the story unfolds, it quickly becomes clear that there's more to this invasion then meets the eye. Who exactly is Prometheus? Why does he want to conquer the world? And why does he seem to fear Elpizo? These questions drive the plot, and its only the first season!

Be warned, this comic proudly makes the Mega Man canon its bitch.

Due to a combination of issues, such as writer's block, lack of motivation, and a busy life schedule, the comic is currently on indefinite hiatus, though the author has not forgotten it and hopes to pick it back up one day.

Now has a budding character sheet!

A possible written reboot is currently in development, but nowhere near even close to being ready.

This work contains examples of:

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