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Webcomic: Aetheria Epics
"Welcome to Aetheria, Traveller; a world with many tales to tell."
Aetheria Epics is a webcomic in the style of a JRPG. It takes place in a vast world called Aetheria which is divided up into various "realms", each having its own unique culture and level of technological or magical development. Aetheria is populated by several variations of fantasy race mainstays such as humans, mystics, ferals and mekanics.

The twist of Aetheria Epics is that it relies on its community of readers to make important character and story decisions by way of a daily vote. Theoretically, these factor into the character's overall personality, gradually solidifying it until their story is complete and another one begins.

The site launched in April of 2009, but daily updates are quickly cultivating an engrossing narrative as well as a decent-sized archive.

Like all webcomics that reference RPGs, this one's rather trope-heavy.

As of November 2013, it has vanished from the Internet: The website now only contains the Dreamhost default page.
This webcomic provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): Aetheria Epics
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