[[caption-width-right:262:Matilda and the Genie]]
''A Mad Tea-Party'' by [[http://www.jonathondalton.com/?p=339 Jonathon Dalton]] is the story of Connie and Matilda, two girls whose parents are genetically engineered super-soldiers (in retirement). As soon as they leave their isolated community, they are faced with groups of revolutionary teenagers who hate them, an alien assassin, and the political fallout from a war between Earth and giant alien robots. Also there is tea.

!! This webcomic provides examples of:
* EverythingIsAnIpodInTheFuture: 200 years in the future, there are ipad-like things for [[http://www.jonathondalton.com/?p=205 breaking into cars]] and [[http://www.jonathondalton.com/?p=837 checking medical files]] on the internet.
* FantasticRacism: Humanity is united at last, but there sure is a [[http://www.jonathondalton.com/?p=174 lot of racism]] against aliens and genetically engineered people.
* FantasticSlurs: Genetically engineered people are derisively labeled "Genie."
* OrganicTechnology: Earth's genetically engineered super-soldiers have [[http://www.jonathondalton.com/?p=1514 organic weapons]] to use against alien robots.
* RobotWar: Earth fought a war against [[http://www.jonathondalton.com/?p=127 giant alien robots]] a generation before the story starts, which we apparently won.
* SuperpowerfulGenetics: Connie and Matilda, the two main characters, have inherited [[http://www.jonathondalton.com/?p=219 some but not all]] of their parents' genetically enhanced abilities.
* TheAlliance: Earth's ramshackle governments [[http://www.jonathondalton.com/?p=227 team up with some aliens]] to fight the giant alien robots.