Web Video / Viperhor

In somewhat of a very, very simplified nutshell, Viperhor is to the Black Pawn Movement as the Black Pawn Movement are to the rabid fanbase of Twilight.

Only, you know, without any of that "sense" or "fact" malarkey to hold her back.

Amassing a following of her own in a very short amount of time due to her videos which vaguely tie together a general message of "the BPM are Gay Southern Nazis", she burst onto the scene with her first video, Black Pawn Movement Exposed (which as some people may notice sounds a bit like ''Anonymous Exposed''), revealing through flashy video effects and random clips of Dawn of the Dead (2004), Squidbillies, Idiocracy and Resident Evil that the BPM are bad people. Somehow.

In her next three videos, she proceeded to invoke Godwin's Law more times than the Nazis themselves could, provided Hypocritical Humor to many of her viewers and called the leader of the BPM gay, using a stolen AMV.

She is a credit to the fanbase she is a part of.

Viperhor provides examples of:

  • Godwin's Law: Invoked at least once in all of her videos barring Black Pawn Movement Tails???, and usually multiple times.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Completely unintentional on her part; She calls out the BPM for using game characters and not a great deal of original material in their videos, claiming to "hide their faces". Viperhor apparently looks like Lara Croft, and all of her material is completely original. Mm-hmm.
  • Insult Backfire: Most of the comments Viperhor makes about the BPM are taken in complete stride, with the BPM taking shots at themselves regularly.