Web Video / Umineko Parody Fandub

Umineko Parody Fandub is an abridged series created by Zero Q Productions (formally Nyodude), and can be seen as a sort of sequel/spin-off to his past series, Higurashi Parody Fandub. It is currently (as of June 7, 2012) at 7 episodes. Watch here.


  • The Abridged Series: Of Umineko: When They Cry.
  • Angrish: Maria has a fit of rage-induced uu-ing and babbling in episode 5 when Battler continues to deny Beatrice is a witch even while the latter is standing right in front of him.
    Maria: If anybody needs me I'll be in the other room, choking on my rage.
  • Creepy Child: "Hello, everyone. Maria has appeared out of nowhere to torment you with ominous words of scariness."
  • I Have No Daughter: Natsuhi's last words to Jessica in episode 5 after Jessica points out how she got curb stomped by a butterfly.
  • Idiot Hero: Battler. Zero Q even lampshades this (at least 3 times) in his Audio Commentary of episode 1
    '"If it weren't for the fact that he's the main character, we would have shipped him away by now."
  • Invoked Trope: Characters outright say "Curb-Stomp Battle" and "Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!" while faithfully applying both tropes in episode 5.
  • Larynx Dissonance: Played straight and averted by ZeroQ and other cast members. Played straight with Beatrice, Bernkastel, Kumasawa, Kyrie, Eva, and Rosa; averted by Battler, George, Kinzo, Rudolf, Nanjo, Genji, Gohda, Maria, Jessica, Natsuhi, Shannon, Kanon, and Krauss.
  • Lampshade Hanging: A lot in episode 1's audio commentary (see Idiot Hero above for an example).
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Deliberately invoked when Battler shoots the butterflies during Episode 5 and they multiply.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: "I am just a little seagull. Tweet..."
    • Played with. Rudolf realizes that seagulls don't go tweet. The "seagull" just says that because Rudolf isn't a seagull, he can't tell her what they sound like. Racist.
  • Shout-Out:
    Genji: I made it myself.
    • In episode 3, Maria is watching Whose Line Is It Anyway?.
    • In episode 4, the song playing as the group rushes to the den is the theme song for Bananas in Pajamas.
    • Episode 5 made quite a few shout-outs:
      • Shannon initially claims that she and Kanon were brought back to life by Morning Rescue before claiming it wasn't true.
      • Kanon: "Just like School Days."
      • Battler: You guys are Decepticons! By that I mean you are both being deceived and conned.
    • In episode 6, Jessica randomly blurts out "Ponies!" while holding Rainbow Dash on her palm, while Kanon repeatedly hallucinates Spike. Probably explained by the fact that crazyboutcena54, who normally voices Shannon and Natsuhi and substitutes as Jessica for this episode, is a brony.
      • The "song about flat-chested girls" works as a shout out to both Touhou and the original Umineko sound novels, where Jessica actually did sing "Tsurupettan" in her concert performance.