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Web Video: The Vivianverse
The Vivianverse is, to put it simply, the National Wrestling Alliance of CAW Leagues. It is a group of leagues who share talent and continuity, with actions in one league affecting others. The group was founded by three people: Burb (New-WWE), Soundwave (RAWR) and Danny Jackpot (NAW) and was named after an incident where a CAW owner claimed in a private message that Burb's name was Vivian.

Current Champions

  • iPW Global Heavyweight Champion: Vacant
  • Jeri-MAX World Champion: Aladdin Hassan
  • NESE World Champion: Chris Hero
  • NESE Universal Champion: Hiroshi Tanahashi
  • TCW* World Heavyweight Champion: Hijo Del Reyes
  • World Heavyweight Champion (New-WWE): Alberto del Rio
  • WWE Champion (New-WWE): Daniel Bryan
  • WEDF Champion: Jeff Hardy
  • World Heavyweight Champion (WEDF): CM Punk
  • Vivianverse Money in the Bank: Vacant
  • CAW Young Lions Cup Holder: Vacant
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