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Web Video: The Stalker
The Stalker (The Sims 2) is a collection of 6 horror movies created by user dan10093. It is made using The Sims 2 and is heavily inspired by Scream (1996), however it also contains elements from I Know What You Did Last Summer and Halloween. The films were originally going to end at the third sequel, but more or less continued on three movies. The series main character is Katie Barcley, a young woman who is continuously mentally and physically attacked by an unknown person in a white and black ninja suit, usually using those who are important to her. This method has also been used to torment Lori Yates, one of the survivors of the third film. As of 2013, five movies have been finished with the 6th one in production.

Tropes used in all films:

Tropes used in The Stalker

Tropes used in The Stalker 2

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