Web Video: The Necro Critic

aka: Necro Critic
"We watch crap movies, we play crap games.
There's too much out there, causing us pain.
The actors are rancid. The plot is stale.
Necro is here to put an end to the fail.
The Necro Critic is in!"

Who's The Necro Critic you might ask? The Necro Critic watches some crap movies, he plays crap games and he's there for us to put an end to the fail. You still have no clue who he is? Well let's dive into his description.

The Necro Critic being both the show and the title character was created by Gareth Van Camp. The Critic is a caustic yet still somehow chilly character and he's really obsessed with Animes and Horror movies plus: Everytime when he's overly angry he hilariously screams into his stress-relieving cat. The show itself doesn't has that many episodes and isn't as well-known as The Spoony Experiment or the AVGN. However: It has a large underground cultfollowing fanbase.

You can see his videos here.


Alternative Title(s):

Necro Critic