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Web Video: The Angry Joe Show

A gamer who lives on a spaceship, possesses an off-the-wall reviewing style and a mite too much energy, "Angry" Joe Vargas got his start by submitting a video review for Army Of Two giving constructive criticism that was surprisingly what the developers really wanted to hear. Angry Joe now does reviews and other videos on his own website and is a major contributor for That Guy with the Glasses.

Back in November 2010, he and the other video games segments of TGWTG were spun off onto their own separate website, Blistered Thumbs, with Joe as the site's executive leader. Now, however, he has left Blistered Thumbs to focus on managing his own site located here. In addition, he is a member of Polaris.

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alternative title(s): Angry Joe; Angry Joe Show; The Angry Joe Show
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