Web Video: Shane Dawson

Doing what he does best

Shane Dawson is an incredibly popular YouTuber, currently the third most subscribed YouTuber overall. Strange, witty and Genre Savvy, his ability to mock himself and others and comedic skills have led to his massive following. He plays both fictionalised versions of himself and an assortment of strange, mentally ill characters, many of whom are inspired by people he knows. His work Crosses the Line Twice.

His first channel is here, second channel here, and iPhone channel here.

He's also starring in the horror movie Smiley with several other YouTube stars, and is also one of the regulars of the Fine Brothers' YouTubers React. Recently, Dawson directed and starred in his own movie, Not Cool.

Tropes Relating to Shane Himself:

Tropes Relating To Shane's Characters:

Tropes Relating To His Show:

  • An Aesop: Often ends his videos with one
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: His videos are practically made because of this trope.
  • Take That: MANY.
    • He seems to hate Miley Cyrus with a burning passion, as they're will always be some joke about her getting stoned or just being generally disgusting in any scene that features her.
    • There was another scene where Paris used an iPad as a tampon
    "My vagina got a high score in Temple Run!"
    • From the episode where Shanaynay drugs & kidnaps Katy Perry for Ned's birthday:
    Shanaynay: I tried to get you Kelly Clarkson, but I couldn't afford a U-Haul.