Web Video / Redearth 88

The universe is wider than our views of it.

Redearth88 is a Vlog Series created by Glenn Rubenstein. It continues the story of the OpAphid ARG from lonelygirl15, Glenn Rubenstein having left that series due to "Creative Differences". It is also apparently an Orphaned Series, having not updated since January 2008, although Rubenstein denies this, and the series retains a small-but-devoted (if impatient) fanbase.

Within the story, Redearth88 is the YouTube account of a girl named Rachel, who is making a vlog series for an assignment. If one watches only Rachel's videos, the series appears to be a fairly standard Slice of Life Character Blog. However, there are other figures active in the shadows who have some mysterious agenda concerning Rachel.

Redearth88 is sometimes considered to be a lonelygirl15 Fan Fic, although it features no lonelygirl15 characters other than those originating in the OpAphid ARG, and the plot appears unrelated.

Redearth can be watched at redearth88.com.

This series provides examples of: