Web Video / Mystery Guitar Man

Mystery Guitar Man, aka Joe Penna, is a Brazilian-born, U.S.-based musician and video editing junkie whose YouTube channels can be found here and here. Videos usually use greenscreening, stop motion, looping and other tricks to make clever covers of popular songs featuring Joe and an army of doppelgangers. MGM (as he is sometimes known) is also an avid user of YouTube gimmicks, incorporating the comment system, annotations, video links and 3D to play somewhat with the boundaries of Internet video content.

Joe is one of the most popular contributors on YouTube, with numerous records for views and subscriptions in various categories. In particular, his is the most-viewed Brazilian channel of all time, and each video includes a brief shout out to his Portuguese-speaking fans. In more traditional media, he has had some exposure through an ad deal with McDonald's and Rhett & Link, culminating in a commercial for the 2011 Super Bowl, and a role as host and producer on the first season of the educational television series Xploration Earth 2050.

This series provides examples of: