In 2008, Franchise/TheMuppets needed a good boost of popularity. So, what's the quickest way to become popular in this day and age? Post funny videos on the Internet, of course!

The good folks at Muppet Studios started off by setting up individual channels on Website/YouTube and other video sites for several characters (Gonzo, Beaker, The Swedish Chef, Sam Eagle, JustForFun/StatlerAndWaldorf, Fozzie Bear, and Rizzo the Rat), as if the characters themselves were posting the content. These videos soon caught the attention of Muppet fans on the Web, sending some of the videos' hits into the ''millions''. One video ("Ode to Joy", starring Beaker) won a Webby Award in 2009.

Eventually, in 2009, all the Muppet viral videos were reposted under the offical Muppets channel, which still posts new content every now and then(mostly when the new films come out) - and people are still watching, judging from the fact that the "Bohemian Rhapsody" video gained '''''13 million hits''''' in the span of three months.

May have also led to the [[Film/TheMuppets 2011 Muppets movie]] getting out of DevelopmentHell.

In 2015, some new viral videos were uploaded, set to the songs "Jungle Boogie" and "Flowers on the Wall", leading up to the [[Series/TheMuppets 2015 revival series]].

These have no relation to the Website/YouTube video "[[ Hilarious Muppet Bloopers!]]", which dubs over video of Beaker singing with "Never Gonna Give You Up", turning it into an elaborate RickRoll.

You can find the videos [[ here]].
!!These videos provide examples of:

* BerserkButton: An already ticked-off Sam is furious to discover that "American Woman" is by a Canadian band (The Guess Who).
* BlackComedy: All of "Stand By Me."
* BreakingTheFourthWall: In grand Muppet tradition. One notable example would be "Beaker's Ballad", where Beaker is almost literally attacked by negative Website/YouTube comments.
* ButtMonkey: Poor, poor Beaker.
* CarnivoreConfusion: The "Stand By Me" video.
* CharacterBlog: The original point of the videos. Statler and Waldorf's solo videos took this a step further by actually being video responses to other popular Website/YouTube videos!
* ChristmasEpisode: "Ringing of the Bells", "Joy to the World"
* ComedicSociopathy: Anytime [[ButtMonkey Beaker]] shows up, something horrible happens to him.
* CrazyPrepared: "Cårven Der Pümpkîn" has the pumpkins attempting to stall the Swedish Chef by recommending increasingly esoteric tools with which to carve them (battle axe, chainsaw, bazooka), assuming he won't have them at hand. But, sure enough...
* EverythingIsAnInstrument: The main point of "Pöpcørn". Appropriately enough, the song played while the Chef is microwaving the popcorn is "[[ Popcorn]]".
* ForcedMeme: [[TropesAreTools And guess what]]? ''[[CrazyEnoughToWork It worked]].''
* TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou: {{Inverted}} with "The Ballad of Beaker", where Beaker's attacked ''by'' the fourth wall via [[FlameWar Youtube comments appearing as annotations]].
* FromBadToWorse: In "Carven Der Pumpkin", their attempts at stumping the Swedish Chef [[CrazyPrepared go awry]].
* FunWithSubtitles: When the Swedish Chef tries to make popcorn shrimp. During a break in the action the subtitler even starts chatting with the audience via the subtitles, admitting that [[EvenTheSubtitlerIsStumped he's just guessing at what the guy is saying]].
* HalloweenEpisode: "Cårven Der Pümpkîn", "Muppet Labs Experiment 2Q975: Carve-O-Matic" and "Muppet Labs Experiment 5T832: Ghost Hunt", the latter being a {{Parody}} / {{Homage}} of ghost-hunting shows.
* PopUpTexting: "Beaker's Ballad" has [[NoFourthWall internet comments appearing in the air next to him]], really tormenting him, and [[{{GIFT}} laughing as he gets set on fire]].
* PorkyPigPronunciation: In the subtitles for "Pöpcørn":
-->"A PERSONAL NOTE FROM THE CAPTION WRITER: If you have any idea what the Swedish Chef is saying, [[EvenTheSubtitlerIsStumped then you are waaaaay ahead of me]]. I've just been guessing, writing it up phoenitetic... phennotic... fein... Oh you know, when you write it down the way it sounds."
* PottyEmergency: The Muppisode "Food Fight" begins with the male Muppets desperate on what they think is a line for the bathroom.
* ShoutOut: After Beaker gets set on fire in "Beaker's Ballad", one of the most prominent comments reads "[[WebAnimation/HomestarRunner BURNINATION!]]"
* SittingSexyOnAPiano: Miss Piggy, at the end of "Bohemian Rhapsody".
* TakeThat: At the beginning of "American Woman", Sam the Eagle describes Website/YouTube as "your steady stream of ninjas, sleeping puppies, and [[DigitalPiracyIsEvil pirated music videos]]".
* TheStinger: Much like in the original ''[[Series/TheMuppetShow Muppet Show]]'', Statler and Waldorf close out most of the videos, commenting on what they just saw from their computer.
* UnexplainedRecovery: In "Lab Experiment 5T832: Ghost Hunt", Beaker is killed by a ghost, yet he reappears in several other videos.
* [[TheUnintelligible The Unintelligibles]]: The main reason why Beaker (who only speaks in meeps), Animal (who can barely make a sentence) and the Swedish Chef (BORK BORK BORK) form the best Muppet trio ever. You can put them in any situation and not worry about the script.
** They even give a nice rendition of Danny Boy.
* UpToEleven: In "Ringing of the Bells", Animal decides to take his "DING DONG"-ing to the next level with bigger bells. [[spoiler: He eventually pulls out a ''church bell'' which falls on Beaker.]]
-->'''Statler''': Well, at least these videos are short.
-->'''Waldorf''': How would you know? You always fall asleep in the first minute.
-->'''Statler''': I know. Delightful isn't it?
-->'''Both''': Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!