->''"Welcome to Mortimer's Vlog! I'm your host Mortimer, and behind me is my bandleader, Joe!"''
--> --'''Mortimer, at the beginning of pretty much every episode of Mortimer's Vlog.'''

An AffectionateParody of [[TalkShow late-night talk shows]] created by Andrew and Michael Flack.

Initially used to satirize the Late Night War of 2010 between JayLeno and [[Creator/ConanObrien Conan O'Brien]], Mortimer's Vlog follows the exploits of a monkey named Mortimer and his unwilling sidekick/bandleader Joe as they shoot a Video Blog that he thinks is a network TV show.

The show takes on a semi-serialized format, with each "season" (every ten episodes is considered one season) having a plot-arc that usually gets started about halfway through.

!!Season 1
* Mortimer begins filming the show, interviewing his friends and forcing his roomate, Joe, to be his bandleader.
* There is mention of a show that follows Mortimer's Vlog called [[TalkWeakly Talk Weakly With Steve Wikli]].
* Mortimer announces that he's going to retire from the show and Steve is going to replace him.
* Two episodes later, Steve takes over Mortimer's Vlog. [[BerserkButton Mortimer's not happy about this.]]
** A mild-mannered monster named Rutherford takes Steve's old job at Talk Weakly.
* Mortimer beats Steve up on-air and reclaims his show.

!!Season 2 [[AC:(current season)]]
* With Steve out of the picture, Mortimer gets back to doing his show as per usual.
* A few holidays are celebrated, including Halloween, Christmas, and even New Year's.
** During the HalloweenEpisode a demon named Zantitus approaches Mortimer and suggests that he [[AscendedDemon might not be from around here.]]
* Eventually, Zantitus calls Joe, inviting him to turn Mortimer's Vlog into a ProductPromotionParade, setting a plan in motion that threatens to destroy the show... forever...


!!This series features examples of:
* AffectionateParody: The whole thing is a parody of talk shows and video logs.
* AnnoyingLaugh: Joe in Episode 6.
* AntiHumor: "Well, let's take a look at the news... have you heard about this? There's a lot of war and famine out there. And disease."
* ArchNemesis: Steve Wikli
* AsideGlance: Joe in pretty much every episode.
* AuthorAppeal: The creators of the series are totally gay for--er, VERY enthusiastic about Creator/ConanOBrien and late-night talk shows as a whole.
* BitingTheHandHumor: Mortimer and especially Joe constantly point out the fact that they're on a lowly rated youtube channel.
* BlackComedy: "Escort Service... blood stain removal... police bribes... I'm feeling lucky..."
** Mortimer shooting Bubba in Episode 15.
* BornUnlucky: Steve Wikli
* ButtMonkey: Steve Wikli
** It could be argued that Mortimer is often the ButtMonkey when it comes to Joe's remarks.
*** It could also be argue that Joe is Mortimer's ButtMonkey insofar as Mortimer makes his life miserable.
* CannotTellAJoke: Mortimer; Steve to some extent.
* CelebCrush: Mortimer seems to have one of these on Fred Armisen; appropriately, rival Steve has one of these on Jason Sudeikis.
** Pretty much every character seemingly has a crush on Neil Patrick Harris. Even Joe.
* ChainOfCorrections: "I booked Eric The Armadillo!" "Who's Eric?" "He's an author. He was on Rutherford's show... he was at your New Year's party!" "What New Year's party?" "What?" "What?"
* JerkAss: Mortimer is possibly the worst friend in the world, and definitely the worst boss in the world.
** To some extent, almost every character can be considered this. Joe, Steve, Rutherford... none of them are very likable people.
* RunningGag: Too many to count!
** Mortimer can never remember who Steve Wikli is, even though he almost lost his show to him.
** Throughout the first season, Joe played a completely different instrument every episode.
** Mortimer can't get through a single "Name That Song" without giving away the answers, even if Joe isn't playing anything recognizable at all!
*** Subverted when Joe very obviously hums "When The Saints Go Marching In" and Mortimer has no idea what he's doing.
** Joe's various illegal activities and subsequent jailtime.
* TheScrappy: Bubba.
* StylisticSuck: Pretty much the entire point of the show.
* SoUnfunnyItsFunny: Anytime Mortimer attempts to actually be funny
* TakeThat: Numerous pot-shots are taken at Jay Leno throughout the series, some subtly, some much more overt. "I have more cars than Jay Leno." "And you're just as douchey."
* TakeThatScrappy: When Mortimer shoots Bubba.